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Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Games Creats Wealth !

Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Company Details:
Main Market: North America, South America
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands: Lie Jiang No. of Employees: 15~30
Annual Sales: 1000000-7000000 Year Established: 2008
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
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Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd., a reputable company based in Guangzhou, China,

specializing in slot machine manufacturing for over a decade. Our commitment to excellence

has established us as a leading player in the industry.


At Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd., we focus on the development and research of

electronic video slot products, fish hunter software, roulette gaming machines, as well as related

accessories such as anti-theft devices and power supplies. Our extensive range of slot machine

cabinets has garnered a significant customer base in the United States. Additionally, we manufacture

our own touch screen displays, ranging from sizes 10.1 inches to 55 inches, catering to various

customer preferences.


With our team of skilled engineers, we possess the capability to replicate any original game machine

and have also developed our own software for slot machines. Our roulette machines, available in 4-player,

6-player, 8-player, and 10-player configurations, have received consistent praise from clients in Southeast

Asia and Europe.


We have a dedicated video channel on YouTube showcasing our products. If you want to learn more about

our offerings, you can contact us directly or visit our video channel. We are confident that our professionalism

will impress you.


In the United States, we have established partnerships with local distributors in California, Texas, North Carolina,

South Carolina, and New York. These distributors are our valued clients, and in case of any delay in delivery from

our end, we can provide you with their contact information. This way, you may have the opportunity to source products



If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We believe that once you engage in business with

us, you will experience our exceptional service and superior product quality, leaving you satisfied and confident in our abilities.


Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd., a highly regarded company based in Guangzhou, China,

with over a decade of experience in the slot machine industry. Our company has a rich history, starting

with the production of roulette gaming machines in 2008. We continued to excel in this field until 2013

when we expanded into international trade, directly selling our products to end customers.



As we delved into the international market, we recognized the growing demand for fish hunter machines.

This prompted us to diversify our offerings, including the development of touch screen displays and various

other accessories. Our company's ethos revolves around meeting market needs, and we have continually

adapted to provide the products our customers desire.



With humble beginnings of just three individuals, our company has grown to include a team of over 40 dedicated

professionals. We are proud to have established a solid customer base in countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad

and Tobago, Mexico, and Colombia. We express deep gratitude towards our customers, who have supported

us throughout our journey. Together, we have achieved remarkable success, and we firmly believe that our

collaboration will continue to prosper, creating even greater wealth in the future.



Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to delivering exceptional products and services, driven by

our passion for innovation and customer satisfaction. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, working hand

in hand to achieve greater milestones and create a prosperous future together.


In an era where customers may have reservations about the quality of Chinese products or the

adequacy of after-sales support, our company has thrived in the same industry for over a decade.

How have we achieved this? By treating every customer with the utmost care and dedication. Regardless

of the simplicity or complexity of your inquiries, we approach each and every customer with sincerity,

aiming to provide the most accurate and prompt service.


To ensure a seamless customer experience, we have established both an International After-Sales

Service Department and a Domestic After-Sales Service Department. These dedicated teams strive

to offer the fastest and most precise solutions to any product-related queries or technical difficulties,

aiming to respond within 24 hours.


Furthermore, we understand the value of visual aid in troubleshooting. That's why we have an extensive

collection of product-related videos available on our YouTube channel. If you encounter an after-sales issue

with one of our products, we will record a video demonstrating the solution and upload it to our YouTube channel.

We will then provide you with the corresponding link, allowing you to watch and review the video as many times as

needed until the problem is resolved. Should you require further assistance, we can also arrange a FaceTime call

via mobile to address your concerns directly.


At Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd., we are committed to breaking down barriers and providing the highest

level of support to our customers. Our comprehensive after-sales service approach, including timely responses,

informative videos, and personalized assistance, ensures that your experience with our products is nothing short

of exceptional. Trust us to deliver the quality and service you deserve.

Our Team

Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd., and our exceptional products that cater to the needs

of our esteemed customers.


At our company, we take pride in our highly professional sales team. Each member is equipped

with extensive knowledge and expertise, achieved through rigorous training. Whether it's providing

in-depth product insights, addressing post-sales concerns, or demonstrating utmost patience during

the sales process, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled support to our valued customers.


We believe in creating win-win scenarios where both our customers and our company benefit. That's

why we are committed to resolving any product-related queries and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our sales representatives are always ready to assist you, going above and beyond to help you find

the perfect solution that meets your specific requirements.


If you are interested in learning more about our products, we encourage you to reach out to us by

sending an inquiry. Our knowledgeable sales team will promptly respond, providing you with detailed

information and personalized assistance. We are here to help you make informed decisions and discover

the right products that align with your needs.


Trust Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd. as your reliable partner in finding innovative and high-quality

solutions. Contact us today to explore our wide range of products and experience our exceptional customer support.

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