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Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


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LIE Jiang Gaming (Lie Jiang Technology) a well recognized provider of highly performing games, and Touch Screen Factory ,From Size 10.1 19 22 23.6 27 32 43 49 55 ,Touch Screen, No Matter Falst Vertical Screen, But Also Curved Touch Screen . Also fish tables,slot machines and gaming solutions. With over 20 years of history and series of successful multigames, the brand had become a synonymous of performance, reliability and innovation. With installations in more than 50 jurisdictions, offices and distributors in more than 15 countries and a dedicated team of more than 500 professionals, Lie Jiang Gaming is committed to deliver gaming solutions that diversifies and increases your bottom line with excellent performance.   We provided best service high quality products ,Like Touch Screen Monitors, Life of Luxury PCB Board, POT O Gold PCB Board, Texas Keno PCB Board,like luxury fish tables,fish game machine,fish table game, casino slot machine,casino gambling machines and other amusement arcade game machine etc.   OUR PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY   Each product is created with the thought of the customers after careful analysis of the market trends and with anticipation of the future needs. Our qualified engineering team pays a special attention to each detail in the design process. Our gamed design and development team develops unique gaming concepts and applications always with the aim to be tuned with the customers. Localization and market fit product is taken into account in the product concepts and development.

Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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