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Single Roulette -How you Connect Machines and Solve All Problems of it ???

May 3, 2023

Latest company news about Single Roulette -How you Connect Machines and Solve All Problems of it ???

Our company, Guangzhou Lie Jiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., offers a range of products related to

American Roulette machines, including single player and linking versions. To provide our customers with

a comprehensive understanding of the American Roulette machine's wiring connection, we have produced

numerous instructional videos.



These videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel, allowing you to access them conveniently.By watching

these videos, we believe that you will gain a deeper understanding of the wiring connection of the American Roulette

machine. When you purchase American Roulette machine kits from us, you will be able to follow the step-by-step

instructions demonstrated in the videos.




How to Go to System Of  American Roulette Games 




Many new buyers may be unfamiliar with how to use a key to key out credit on an American Roulette machine.

In cases where the printer is not functioning, they have the option to redeem credit using a key. To assist customers

in this process, we have created a dedicated video tutorial on how to key out credits on an American Roulette machine

using a key.





How we Connect the Wire of American Roulette Games Machines With Single Players ?




How we Key in Key out Credits On American Roulette Gaming Machines Kits ?




How We Adjust Difficulty Levels on American Roulette Games ?


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