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Does Your Company Sell Fish Table In Usa Or You Guys Ship Machines From China To Usa ?

July 5, 2022

Latest company news about Does Your Company Sell Fish Table In Usa Or You Guys Ship Machines From China To Usa ?

Guangzhou LieJiang tech Electronics Co., Ltd., is your trusted partner in the gaming industry. With a strong

customer base, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality products and services that meet

your requirements. When customers first contact us, they often ask if we have Fishing Hunter Game

Machines available in the United States. While we do have machines in the U.S., it's important to note

that 80% of our machines are manufactured in China.



If you place an order with us, the production cycle typically takes around 10 days. Shipping to our U.S.

customers via sea freight generally takes an additional 30 days or more. So, the earliest you can expect

to receive the machine is within 40 to 50 days. However, we also have distributors in California who may

have stock available for immediate purchase. If interested, we can provide you with their contact information

for further discussions.



Regarding after-sales service, we prioritize providing the best quality and competitive prices to our customers.

You can rest assured that our machines undergo rigorous quality control before production and have received

positive feedback from customers in various states across the United States. If you have any doubts about our

company's reputation or quality, we can provide you with contact information for our U.S. distributors. They can

vouch for our authenticity and credibility.



Our company values long-term partnerships and mutual growth with our customers. We believe in fostering

cooperation and ensuring a win-win situation for all. With every interaction, we strive to build enduring relationships

with our clients. We are confident that if you choose to work with us, our collaboration will be fruitful and long-lasting.


As for the types of machines we produce, we offer Fish Game Machines that support 2 players, 4 players, 8 players,

and 10 players. The standard configuration for an 8-player machine includes a 55-inch or 65-inch display. However,

we also cater to customers who prefer larger displays, such as 86-inch or even 98-inch (commonly referred to as

100-inch) screens. If you are looking for a cost-effective option with a sufficiently large display, we recommend selecting

an 86-inch machine.



At Guangzhou LieLie Jiang tech Electronics Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing top-quality products, excellent

customer service, and a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Contact us today, and let's embark on a

successful and mutually beneficial partnership.



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