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Can i Find Any Anti Theft Device to Protect My Fish Table ? for 8 players for 10 players ?

April 5, 2021

Latest company news about Can i Find Any Anti Theft Device to Protect My Fish Table ? for 8 players for 10 players ?

Introducing the revolutionary anti-theft device developed by Guangzhou Lietech Electronics Co., Ltd.,

a leading innovator in the gaming industry. Proudly made in China, our cutting-edge device is designed

to address the concerns of game hall owners who fear players using zappers devices to hack our Fish

Hunter Table machines.



At Guangzhou Lietech Electronics Co., Ltd., we have dedicated our expertise to developing a device

that offers unparalleled protection for your machines, ensuring the scores cannot be stolen by greedy

players. Our device is compatible with 2 players, 4 players, 6 players, 8 players, or 10 players. Whether

your machine accommodates 8 players or 10 players, we have the perfect version for you.



The greatest advantage of our device lies in its ability to emit an 80-decibel sound when any player attempts

to steal scores from the machine, effectively deterring those who wish to hack the machines. This ensures

the integrity of your gaming establishment and protects your business interests.



We are proud to have a strong customer base in the United States, including satisfied clients in Texas,

California, North Carolina, and South Carolina. If you are concerned about the possibility of your machine

being hacked and credits being stolen, our device offers a reliable solution.



While our device cannot prevent score theft, it promptly emits an 80-decibel sound when players attempt

to steal scores using jammers or electronic devices, effectively scaring away those attempting to steal credits

from your machines. This powerful feature ensures a fair and secure gaming environment for both you and

your players.



Our product has received widespread acclaim from customers in the United States, attesting to its effectiveness

and reliability. If you are interested in purchasing our device, we would be delighted to assist you.



For video slot machines that are single-player, such as the popular Video Slot machines, we also offer specialized

devices designed to prevent players from stealing scores. Guangzhou Lietech Electronics Co., Ltd. is dedicated

to providing comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of game hall owners, ensuring the utmost security

and fairness in gaming experiences.











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