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What Different Size Of Our Touch Screen Monitors We Have So Far ?

November 17, 2021

Latest company case about What Different Size Of Our Touch Screen Monitors We Have So Far ?

We Developed Touch Screen Monitors From Size 10.1 inch to 55 inch, We have Vertical Monitors and Also Curved Touch Screen too .

10.1 inch ,32 inch ,43 inch 49 inch ,55 inch , Most of The Customer Buy it to use it on Original Bally Games.Also it Works with Chinese Fire Link

Game too .

We Even have 19 inch ,22 inch,23.6 inch , 27 inch, Most of the Customer use it on Roulette Games. Also Sometimes use it on POT O Gold,
No Matter pog 510 , or pog 580 , or pog 595,  Also our Monitors Works on ELO Software or 3M RS232  . 

We Took Some Video As Below to Show you Our Different Size of Monitors , You can Have a Look .

We Also have some Agent in USA , If you want to buy some Urgent, We can Even Give you Our Distributor Contact. you can Buy From Them Directly . But Maybe Price is Higher Than our Price .

All The Monitors we have has VGA-HDMI -USB Touch Port-3M Serial .

Always We have These monitors in Stock, if you Pay the Money today, We always can Ship Tomorrow .





Curved Monitors we have :

32 inch Curved Touch Screen,

43 inch Curved Touch Screen,

55 inch Curved Touch Screen
43 inch J shape Touch Screen,


Vertical Touch Screen 
32 inch Touch Screen,

43 inch Touch Screen,

49 inch Touch Screen,

55 inch Touch Screen,

Flast Screen Sizes 
19 inch Touch Screen

22 inch Touch Screen

23.6 inch Touch Screen
27 inch Touch Screen




some Customer want Design Picture to Produce Cabinet, We can Send you too , When you Contact us ,

We will Send you more Design Picture as you want .


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