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How To Make Wire Connection on American Roulette Games ?

September 6, 2022

Latest company case about How To Make Wire Connection on American Roulette Games ?


People In Jamaica alwasy buy our Products of American Roulette Kits, Like Touch Screen,Power Supply,Meters,Bill Acceptor , And Printer,Or Wiring Harness. or Master Mainboard. Slave Boards .

some People Even ask us to make a Video To Teach Them How the Wire is Connected or How to Go To Game Setting of american Roulette.
So Finanlly We Made Some Video to Customer To Teach Them How to Work on it .

And This is The Video To Teach Customer How to Connect the Wiring Harness on American Roulette Games Kit . 

This is Video As Below of american Roulette Game To Teach the Settings of The American Roulette Games.


Some People Want Cheapper Bill Acceptor to Use it on American Roulette Games, No Matter Bill Acceptor use Jamaican Dollor or USD Dollar or Trinidad Dollar. This Bill Acceptor Also Works, But Buyer Has to Tell us in Advance Before We Ship.

No Matter Pulse or Serial , This Brand TB77 Model Bill Acceptor Both Works .



Also This Video Below will Show to Customer How the Wire of Bill Acceptor And Printer works on American Roulette , Please Check Video As Below :



Sometimes People Want to buy Printer on American Roulette Games Machines,And not Know how it Works, So Video Below is to Show How to Connect the Wire and Lets See How this Printer Works on American Roulette Kits . 





Also There is a Bill Acceptor Named TOP Brand TOP TP70 Bill Acceptor , Which There is No Stacker on Bill Acceptor. But its Price Very Attractive too , It Can Aalso Work on American Roulette, Please Check Video As Below 




Of Course , Some Customer Want to Use Bill Acceptor On American Roulette, But With Stacker, So You can have a Look of The Video Which We Used with TOP Brand Model : TOP TP70 P5 Model. This Bill Acceptor Works on American Roulette , Also on Fish Game, Also On POG. Also , No Matter Trinidad Dallor or Jamaica Dollor or American US Dallor . customer They have to Tell us in Advance Before we Ship . So We will Make it .Please Check the Video As Below , And them You will Know More .


Also Some Cusromer Bought our TOP Printer on American Roulette Game Boards and Dont Know How to Connect The Wire Harness on Printer, or Printer Software is not Correctly. So They will need our Device and Nee us to Send a Software by Email to Upgrade the Software on it To make the Printer Work , Please Check Video As Below :


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