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10.1 15 17 19 22 23.6 27 32 43 55 Inch Capacitive And Infrared Touch Screen Factory

February 3, 2021

Latest company case about 10.1 15 17 19 22 23.6 27 32 43 55 Inch Capacitive And Infrared Touch Screen Factory

We Are A Touch Screen Manufacturing Factory, Who Produce All Sizes From Small To Large, Whether It Is Infrared Touch Screen Or Capacitive Touch Screen. all of Our touch Screen Has HDMI, VGA, USB Touch Interface. And 3M RS232. Serial Touch .

We Have A Wide Range Use Of Touch Screens, But Most Of Them Are On Slot Arcade Skilled Games Machines, .There Are A Lot Of Game Shows In China and Macau And Vegas . For Fire Link, Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Mega Link, Buffalo Golds, And Crazy Money Golds, All Of Which Work On Our Monitors.Other Games Like Original Fire Link, Fusion 4, Fusion 5, And Original Bally Games Are All Compatible.

There Are Also 10.1 Inch Monitors Touch Screens, Which Are Very Popular In The United States. The Monitors With Lights, The Speed And Mode Of The Lights All can Be Adjusted By Buttons Behind The Lcd. If Some Players Don't Like The Lights On The Monitors, There Are Some Buttons To Turn Off The Lights. If You Buy Our Monitor, And If You Don't Know How To Turn It Off, You Can Call Our After-Sales Service And We Will Send You Some After-Sales Videos To Solve Your Problem.

The Second Size Is 19-Inch Infrared Screen, So 19-Inch Infrared Screen Occupies A Large Market In The United States And Jamaica, Mainly Used On Life Of Luxury.Pog. American Roulette Games. Usually We Use Container By Container To United States.

There Are Also Customers From Europe Who Are Highly Deamnd For Slot Machines, And Many Of Them Want Capacitive Screens. So Our Current Production Range Of Capacitive Screens Is 19 ", 22 ", 23.6 "And 27", 32 "And 43". All These Capacitive Screens Can Be Used For Chinese Slot Machine Games And American Original Games.

If The Customer Buys Our Monitor, When He Find Out That Our Monitor Doesn't Match His Program,As Long As The Customer Sends Back The Motherboard, And We Have Not Made Relevant Driver Programs Before, Then We Get The Customer's Motherboard, We Can Make Our Touch Screen Compatible With The Customer's Game Motherboard.Becase We Have Our Engineers Can Program Software working With That .

The 27-Inch Capacitive Screen Is Also Selling Well. Euro Monitor Cabinets Has Dual Monitors Cabinets. This Kind Of Chassis Is Sold Quite A Lot In Europe And The United States, 32 Inch And 43 Inch Capacitive Screens, We Also Sell Quite A Lot Of Them, If You Want To Know. For Any Touch Display Information And Requirements . You Can Talk To Us And Send Us An Inquiry, And Then We Can Contact, Thank You For Reading, Thank You.



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